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Lisa Viox. Long Island Portrait Photography.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is where I get to share all the recent happenings with Lisa Viox Photography. This also includes sneak peaks and some personal events that I hope you will enjoy. To learn more about my photography; please visit my website Lisa Viox Photography

Pretty girls | Long Island Newborn Photographer | lisa viox photography



3S3A0224 copyrt


3S3A0216 copyrt


3S3A0044 copyrt

3S3A0207 copyrt

3S3A9983-2 copyrt square crop

3S3A0153 copyrt


3S3A9966 coprt crop

3S3A0143 copyrt

3S3A0132 copyrt



3S3A0186 copyrt

3S3A0074 copyrt crop

ONE | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography


3S3A1848 copyrt

3S3A1756 copyrt

3S3A1611-2 copyrt

3S3A1674 copyrt


3S3A1646 copyrt

3S3A1585 copyrt

3S3A1808-1 copyrt

3S3A1712 copyrt

3S3A1648 copyrt



3S3A1608 copyrt

Beach FAmily love | long island and new york family photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A6687 copyrt

3S3A6637  copyrt crop

3S3A6624 copyrt

3S3A6492 copyrt

collage copyrt

collage copyrt 5

collage copyrt 2

3S3A6813 copyrt crop


collage copyrt 3

3S3A6144 copyrt

3S3A6758 copyrt

3S3A6713 copyrt

3S3A6590 copyrt

3S3A6517 copyrt

3S3A6352 copyrt


collage copyrt 6

3S3A6796 copyrt

3S3A6154 copyrt


3S3A6078 copyrt

Handsome boys | Long Island Newborn Photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A8268 copyrt

3S3A8171 copyrt

3S3A8281 copyrt


3S3A8225 copyrt

3S3A8308 copyrt

3S3A8317 copyrt

3S3A8144 copyrt



3S3A8192 copyrt

3S3A8256 copyrt

Family | Long Island Beach photographer | lisa viox photography


3S3A4342 copyrt flip

collage copyrt 2

3S3A4307 copyrt

3S3A3987 copyrt

3S3A3689 copyrt

collage copyrt 3

3S3A4183 copyrt

3S3A4066 copyrt


3S3A3957 copyrt

collage copyrt


3S3A3931 copyrt

3S3A4222 copyrt

3S3A4127 copyrt

3S3A3880 copyrt

3S3A3705 copyrt  3S3A3593 copyrt bw

3S3A4101 copyrt

3S3A3862 copyrt

3S3A3603 copyrt


Family | Long Island and New York Family photographer | lisa viox photography


collage 2 copyrt

3S3A2598 copyrt


3S3A1937 copyrt

collage copyrt 4

3S3A2587 coprt

3S3A2538 copyrt

collage copyrt 3

3S3A2520 copyrt


collage copyrt

3S3A2499 coprt

3S3A2461-1 copyrt

3S3A2422 copyrt

3S3A2379 copyrt

3S3A2234 copyrt

3S3A2214 copyrt

3S3A2201 coprt

3S3A2193 copyrt

3S3A2125 copyrt

3S3A2091 copyrt

3S3A2002 ciprt

3S3A1965 copyrt crop

collage copyrt 5

3S3A2159 copyrt


collage copyrt 8

collage copyrt 7

3S3A2685 copyrt

3S3A2471 copyrt

3S3A2389 copyrt

3S3A2281 copyrt

3S3A2220 copyrt

3S3A2059-1 copyrt

3S3A1956 copyrt

collage copyt 6

Family | Long island lifestyle photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A0617 crop copyrt

3S3A0496 copyrt

3S3A0476 copyrt

3S3A0452 copyrt crop

3S3A0375 copyrt

3S3A0361 copyrt

3S3A0260 copyrt

collage copyrt

collage copyrt 8


3S3A0514 copyrt

collage copyrt 7

collage copyrt 6

collage copyrt 5

collage copyrt 4

collage copyrt 3

collage copyrt 2


3S3A0208 coprt

3S3A0634 copyrt

3S3A0617 crop copyrt bw

3S3A0622 copyrt

3S3A0579 copyrt

3S3A0532 copyrt

3S3A0518 copyrt



3S3A0483 copyrt

3S3A0468 copyrt

3S3A0463 copyrt

3S3A0428 copyrt

3S3A0395 copyrt

3S3A0658 copyrt


Glowing | Long Island Maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A0537 copyrt



3S3A0942 copyrt

3S3A0551 coprt

3S3A0560 coprt

3S3A0582 copyrt

3S3A0703 copyrt


3S3A0569 copyrt bw

3S3A0708 copyrt


3S3A0771 copyrt

3S3A0669 cpopyrt

3S3A0790 copyrt

3S3A0823 copyrt

Florida 2014 | Long Island family and beach photographer | lisa viox photography

I only had time to edit a few photos so far, as things are insane.  But we had such an amazing time in Florida ….  I hope you enjoy this small share …


3S3A7680 copyrt

3S3A7848 copyt

3S3A7905 copyrt

3S3A8038 copyrt

3S3A7283 copyrt

3S3A7776 copyrt

3S3A7343 copyrt

3S3A7393 copyrt

3S3A7489 copyrt

Pretty girl | Long Island newborn photographer | lisa viox photography


3S3A5691 1 copyrt

3S3A5711 copyrt


3S3A5902 copyrt


3S3A5755 copyrt

3S3A5846 copyrt


3S3A5931 copyrt


3S3A5724 copyrt

3S3A5969 copyrt