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Lisa Viox. Long Island Portrait Photography.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is where I get to share all the recent happenings with Lisa Viox Photography. This also includes sneak peaks and some personal events that I hope you will enjoy. To learn more about my photography; please visit my website Lisa Viox Photography

Handsome | long island children photographer | lisa viox photography



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3S3A6538 copyrt

3S3A6359 copyrt

3S3A6354 copyrt

3S3A6322 copyrt

3S3A6229 copyrt

3S3A6182 copyrt bw

3S3A6107 copyrt

3S3A6650 copyrt

3S3A6602 copyrt

3S3A6591 copyrt crop

3S3A6551 copyrt

3S3A6491 copyrt

3S3A6438 copyrt

3S3A6398 copyrt

3S3A6041 copyrt

3S3A6339 copyrt

3S3A6309 copyrt

3S3A6184 copyrt

3S3A6155 copyrt

3S3A6068 copyt

3S3A6064 copyrt

Beauty Girl | Long Island Baby photographer | lisa viox photography

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3S3A1451 copyrt

3S3A1420 copyrt

3S3A1099 copyrt crop

3S3A1526 copyrt

3S3A1496 copyrt

3S3A1393 copyrt

3S3A1385 copyrt

3S3A1375 copyrt

3S3A1347 copyrt crop

3S3A1326 copyrt

3S3A1322 ciprt

3S3A1286 copyrt

3S3A1247 copyrt

3S3A1213 copyrt

3S3A1194 copyrt

3S3A1177 copyrt

3S3A1074 copyrt

ONE | Long Island Baby Photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A9337 copyrt

3S3A0778 copyrt

3S3A9334 copyrt

3S3A9326 copyrt

3S3A9300 copyrt

3S3A9294 copyrt




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3S3A1070 cipyrt

3S3A0826 copyrt

3S3A0988 copyrt


3S3A0873 copyrt

3S3A0947 copyrt

3S3A0874 copyrt


3S3A0818 copyrt

Family | long island family photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A0503 copyrt

3S3A0614 copyrt crop

3S3A0420 copyrt

3S3A0404 copyrt  3S3A0376 copyrt

collage copyrt

3S3A0334 copyrt

3S3A0316 copyrt crop

collage copyrt 4  collage 2 copyrt

3S3A0395 copyrt

3S3A0684 copyrt

3S3A0669 copyrt

collage copyrt 3

3S3A0634 copyrt

3S3A0604 copyrt

3S3A0570 copyrt

3S3A0251 copty

3S3A0498 copyrt

3S3A0261 copyrt

3S3A0678 copyrt

ONE | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

3S3A5934 copyrt


3S3A5841 copyrt

3S3A5724 copyrt 8x10 crop

3S3A5810 copyrt

3S3A5779 copyrt

3S3A5766 copyrt


3S3A5468 copyt

3S3A5683 copyrt

3S3A5558 copyrt

3S3A5531 copyrt

3S3A5514 copyrt

3S3A5441 copyrt  3S3A5881 copyrt


3S3A5741 copyrt

3S3A5863 copyrt

3S3A5818 copyrt



3S3A5631 copyrt

collage copyrt


3S3A6012 copyrt

Pretty girl | Long Island newborn photographer | lisa viox photographer

3S3A5235 copyt

3S3A5070 copyrt

3S3A5201 copyrt

3S3A5337 copyrt


3S3A5397 copyrt

3S3A5130 copyrt

3S3A5318 copyrt

3S3A5088 copyrt

3S3A5352 copyrt 8x10

3S3A5154 copyrt crop 8x10

ONE | Long Island baby photographer | lisa viox photography


3S3A4426 copyrt


3S3A4392 copyrt

3S3A4356 copyrt

3S3A4293 copyrt

3S3A4168 copyrt

3S3A4152 copyrt

3S3A4107 copyrt

3S3A4499 copyrt

3S3A4401 cipyrt


3S3A4418 copyrt

3S3A4226 copyrt

3S3A4161 copyrt

3S3A4146 copyrt

3S3A4138 copyrt


copyrt collage

3S3A4537 copyrt

ONE | Long Island baby and cake smash photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A2582 copyrt

3S3A2550 copyrt

3S3A2976 copyrt crop

3S3A2665 copyrt


3S3A3016 copyrt

3S3A2985 copyrt

3S3A2956 copyrt

collage copyrt

3S3A2951 copyrt

3S3A2909 copyrt

3S3A2883 copyrt

3S3A2844 copyrt


3S3A2796 cpurt

3S3A2622 copyrt

3S3A2730 copyrt

3S3A2694 copyrt


3S3A3016 copyrt

collage copyrt 3

collage 2 copyrt

3S3A3076 copyrt

Glowing | Long Island Maternity Photographer | lisa viox photography

3S3A2145 copyrt

3S3A2019 copyrt

3S3A1895 copyrt

3S3A1882 copyrt

3S3A2244 copyrt bw

3S3A2222 copyrt

3S3A2191 copyrt

3S3A2100 copyrt

3S3A2072 copyrt

3S3A2033 copyrt


3S3A1961 copyrt

3S3A2008 copyrt


Best friends | long island children photographers | lisa viox photography


collage copyrt 2

3S3A7825 copyrt

3S3A8008 copyrt crop

collage copyrt

3S3A7981 copyrt

collage copyrt 1

3S3A7969 copyrt

3S3A7912 copyrt

3S3A7899 copyrt

3S3A7889 copyrt e

3S3A7874 copyrt

3S3A7794 copyrt

3S3A7754  copyrt crop


3S3A7668 copyrt

3S3A7694 copyrt

3S3A7658 copyrt crop

3S3A7629 copyrt crop

3S3A7841 copyrt

3S3A7779 copyrt

3S3A7596 copyrt


3S3A8179 copyrt