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Category: Maternity

Glowing | Long Island Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Glowing | long island maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

Glowing | Long Island maternity Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

How beautiful is this glowing mama at her mini maternity session in the studio in Smithtown?  I cant wait to meet sweet addition soon!


Glowing – Holiday maternity session | Long Island Maternity Photographer | lisa viox photography

Glowing | Long Island and NYC Maternity Photographer | Lisa Viox photography

Glowing | long island and nyc maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

How to style your session | Long Island and New York Portrait photographer | lisa viox photography

I get asked all the time – “how do all of your clients look like they are straight out of a catalog” …. Well the answer is I take the time to help guide my clients on what to wear.  How you style your session has so much to do with total outcome of your photos.  So I figured, why not put together a blog post and list some pointers and lots of examples, etc.  Hopefully this will help all of you while you plan out what to wear for your session.

1- Stay away from very loud clothing, and dont over stimulate your eyes with to much pattern.   Some pattern is okay, but dont go overboard, instead use texture and layers.  If you are going to use stripes or plaid, try to stick to only one person in it so its not to busy.  Stay away from any fluorescent colors, but dont be afraid of a slightly bright or colorful piece to add a little pop.  NEVER  put your child in anything that has a character on it, simple is always better.  I love boys in a simple tee or wife beater, and suspenders are always awesome or some fun hats.  Stay away from articles of clothing that have writing on them, think simple and classic.  

3S3A8425 copyrt

3S3A0392 blog

3S3A7682 blog copyrt

3S3A5009 blog

3S3A1278 blog

3S3A1566 blog

3S3A0780 blog

3S3A0717 blog

3S3A3666 blog

3S3A2909 copyrt

LV160646 blog

3S3A2349 copyrt

IMG_7186 copyrt

3S3A8171 copyrt

3S3A2422 copyrt

3S3A4047 copyrt

3S3A4155 copyrt1100

3S3A3899 blog

3S3A9448-2 copyrt

3S3A0476 copyrt

3S3A5531 copyrt

3S3A0361 copyrt

3S3A8132 copyrt crop

3S3A0218 copyrt

3S3A4585 copyrt

3S3A9936 copyrt crop e

3S3A9291 copyrt

LV167718 blog

3S3A4489 cophrt

3S3A8532 copyrt

IMG_6243 copyt

3S3A2625 copyrt

3S3A9060 copyrt 1

3S3A8223-2 copyrt

3S3A4342 copyrt flip

IMG_9933 copyrt

3S3A8028 copyrt

3S3A0028 copyrt

3S3A9475 cropyrt e

3S3A0226 copyrt

3S3A0523 copyrt

3S3A4846 copyrt

3S3A4661 copyrt

3S3A2235 copyrt

3S3A3522 copyrt

3S3A1357 copyrt

3S3A3930 copyrt

3S3A7538 copyrt

3S3A2499 copyrt crop

3S3A1071 copyrt

3S3A1108 copyrt e

3S3A5539 copyrt


3S3A8546 copyrt


3S3A4584 copyrt

3S3A9641 copyrt

3S3A0362 coprt 1100


2- Figure out what type of look you are going for, do you want something more whimsical and a little more fantasy, or do you want a casual and comfortable look?  What suits your family best?  Also, what colors will look best in your home?  And now coordinate everyone around that look.  I usually start with the hardest person first, (in my case it is always me or mom) or if you find a favorite outfit then coordinate everyone around that outfit.  Colors should coordinate but should not be matchy matchy.  All white can be boring unless done the right way, with some layers and different textures but it can also work if you are looking for a very simple look , I suggest to  break it up with some other soft tones.  A timeless white dress on a little girl or on mom is always gorgeous though ….  Think about adding a little pop of color with a pretty flower or head piece that enhances the over all look and feel of the outfit.

3S3A6417 copyrt

3S3A2970 copyrt

3S3A7614 copyrt

3S3A2125 copyrt screen

LV166061 blog

3S3A0790 copyrt

3S3A0092 copyrt

3S3A3422 copyrt

3S3A0013 copyrt

3S3A2296 copyrt

3S3A6143 copyrt

3S3A9062 copyrt

3S3A2656 copyrt

3S3A3492 copyrt

3S3A8082 copyrt

3S3A6279 copyrt

IMG_8278 copyrtjpg

3S3A5455 copyrt

3S3A1455 copyrt

3- Pick an accent color and then work around that color ….  Primary colors are great!!!  I love blue or yellow as an accent color, or for the fall put everyone in different jewel shades.  Don’t be afraid of a little color as long as you dont go over board and keep it simple it will work ….

3S3A9923 copyrt e

3S3A9297 copyrt


blog 9

3S3A3516 fopyrt

3S3A0417 copyrt

LV167397 blog

LV167524 blog

3S3A4433 copyrt

3S3A4757 copyrt


3S3A4694 copyrt

3S3A5419 copyrt

3S3A4754 copyrt

3S3A9573 copyrt

3S3A9317 copyrt

IMG_9857 copyrt

3S3A0147 copyt 1100

IMG_2354 copyrt

3S3A6769 copyrt

3S3A1099 copyrt crop

3S3A7772 blog copyrt

3S3A6640 copyrt

3S3A1272 copyrt

3S3A6877 copyrt

3S3A6467 copyrt

3S3A1748 copyrt

3S3A2779 copyrt    3S3A9722_1 copyrt

3S3A1377 copyrt

3S3A3409 copyrt

IMG_0957 coyrt 1

IMG_3501 copyrt

3S3A5850 copyrt

3S3A8436 copyrt

3S3A4269 copyrt


4- I love layers, and layers!  I love accent pieces and accessories like scarves and hats, headbands, vests, leg warmers, cardigans, a cute belt over your dress,  etc … and always remember to wear the right shoes, this is so important and to be comfortable in them ….   no shoes are great to …..  Especially on small children, we want to see those sweet little toes.  Stay away from the every day Nike or character type sneakers, instead go for Converse, Sperrys,  Toms, or cute ballet slippers, or fun boots, etc.  Also, its very important that your child’s clothes fit well, do not buy something that they need to grow into, usually I tell my clients to go a size smaller, you don’t want baggy loose clothing for your photo shoot.

3S3A4461-2 3 copyrt

IMG_8787 copyrt

3S3A4522 copyrt 1100

IMG_2545 copyrt bw


3S3A0369 blog

3S3A3626 copyrt

3S3A3759 copyrt

3S3A6538 copyrt

3S3A4993 copyrt

3S3A2645 copyrt

3S3A3664 copyrt

3S3A4077 copyrt

3S3A8611 copyrt edit

3S3A1376 copyrt

3S3A8060 copyrt 1100

3S3A4288 copyrt


4- Dress for the mood of the shoot, if we are shooting lifestyle then dress how you would normally,  if we are going to jump in muddy puddles you better not be in your sunday’s best, if we are going to shoot on a farm then wear a cowboy hat!!  😉  Also, dress for the weather, and always bring something to layer in case we get chilly.

3S3A8246 copyrt crop

3S3A0496 copyrt

LV160839 blog

3S3A8038 copyrt

IMG_6010 copyrt

3S3A1985 copyrt

3S3A2805 copyrt

3S3A7981 copyrt

IMG_0729 copyrt

3S3A2382 copyrt e

3S3A5998 copyrt

3S3A3353 copyrt

3S3A9194 2 copyrt

3S3A2980 copyrt

3S3A9966 blog

3S3A6339 copyrt

3S3A6527 copyrt

3S3A5080 copyrt

3S3A7905 copyrt

3S3A9008 copyrt


blog 8

IMG_7440 copyrt

3S3A3323 copyrt

IMG_8273 copyrt

3S3A8026 copyrt

3S3A9726 copyrt

IMG_1836 copyrt

3S3A0654 copyrt

3S3A4418 copyrt

3S3A0524 copyrt 8x10

3S3A6901 copyrt

3S3A8285 copyrt e crop

3S3A5908 copyrt

3S3A1142 copyrt


5- Simple is always amazing!!!  Especially with newborn and maternity sessions …..  I love love love simple ….  Think minimalistic type clothing, soft colors, simple lines, sometimes no shirt for boys or little babies.  Simple is always timeless and always photographs wonderfully!  Take a look for yourself …..

3S3A4017 copyrt e

3S3A9809-3 copyrt crop

3S3A9244 copyrt

3S3A7694 copyrt

3S3A4234 copyrt

3S3A0569 copyrt

3S3A0056 copyrt

3S3A9190 copyrt e

3S3A8303 copyrt e

collage copyrt 3

3S3A9554 copyrt


IMG_9561 copyrt

3S3A1218 copyrt


3S3A0132 copyrt

3S3A5902 copurt

3S3A7379 copyrt

3S3A4629 copyrt

3S3A9251 copyrt crop

3S3A3505 copyrt


3S3A4013 copyrt

3S3A0713 copyrt

3S3A7228 copyrt

3S3A9085 copyrt

3S3A4057 copyrt

3S3A0254 copyrt

IMG_8064 copyrt

3S3A2303 copyrt

3S3A4203 copyrt

3S3A8792 copyrt

3S3A3449 copyt

3S3A9251 copyrt

3S3A0823 copyrt

IMG_0632 copyrt

3S3A3562 copyrt crop

3S3A0036 cipyt

3S3A6710 copryt crop


6 – Like I said above stay away from matchy matchy …..  but …..  Sometimes matching is okay ….  only sometimes and if done right 😉   ….. everyone in jeans and a white shirt is no no … but if you do something like below its totally okay ….

3S3A8008 copyrt crop

3S3A2544 copyrt

3S3A7899 copyrt

3S3A9333 copyrt crop edit

3S3A2152 copyrt

3S3A1680 copyrt

3S3A9692 copyrt

copyrt 11

3S3A1859 coprt

3S3A2182 copyrt screen e

3S3A0054 copyrt

7-  If your child has a lovey – feel free to bring it, it always adds something special to the session ….  A lovey can be a stuffed animal they love, or a favorite blankey or sometimes even an old beat up car that they love to play with ……

3S3A1948 copyrt

3S3A3449 blog

IMG_4643 copyrt

IMG_3046 copyrt

3S3A2576 copyrt

3S3A2622 copyrt

IMG_2748 copyrt

3S3A5631 copyrt

3S3A9636 copyrt

3S3A1987 copyrt


#8 – Studio Sessions – Think simple and timeless …..  My studio is all white, and I love how all light neutrals look in there. …. Its crisp and clean and keeps the focus on your family and child and not on the clothing …… I do also have tons of other options as well in the studio as you can see some of those below, but still I tend to lean towards a more clean line and less props and more about your child and their personality ….  


LV165754 blog

LV163522 blog

LV163704 blog

LV162634 blog

3S3A5652 copyrt crop

3S3A4546 copyrt

3S3A8792 copyrt

3S3A1712 copyrt

3S3A7538 copyrt

LV162583 blog

3S3A5167 copyrt

3S3A3997 copyrt

3S3A3610 copyrt 8x10

collage blog

collage copyrt 1

3S3A8033 copyrt

3S3A7321 copyrt

3S3A6120 copyrt

3S3A7192 copyrt

3S3A9209 copyrt 1100

3S3A5688 copyrt

3S3A1425 copyrt

3S3A0673 copyrt

3S3A5901 copyrt

3S3A3500 copyrt

3S3A3197 copyrt

3S3A2708 copyrt

copyrt collge 2 web

3S3A5502 copyrt

3S3A2223 copyrt

3S3A6615 copyrt

3S3A5905 copyrt

IMG_5517 copyrt

IMG_6575 copyrt

IMG_5335 copyrt

IMG_5644 copyrt

IMG_2956 cpyrt



#9  – and the most important of all …………….   come prepared to have some FUN!!!!  *****

3S3A2992 copyrt

3S3A9166 copyrt crop

3S3A1308 copyrt 1100

3S3A3615 copyrt

3S3A2085 copyrt

3S3A5002 copyrt

3S3A5574 copyrt

3S3A2520 copyrt

3S3A8501 copyrt

3S3A9185 copyrt

3S3A0227 copyrt

IMG_9684 copyrt

collage coipyrt 1

3S3A4890 copyrt

3S3A1825 copyrt

3S3A4293 copyrt

3S3A9223 copyrt

3S3A0528 copyrt

3S3A5357 copyrt

IMG_6037 copyrt

3S3A1221 copyrt


3S3A5139 copyrt       collage copyrt

3S3A0522 copyrt

3S3A2369 copyrt

3S3A3427 copyrt   3S3A1191 copyrt

3S3A9857 copyrt

IMG_8730 copyrt

IMG_7038 copyrt

LV160978 blog

IMG_2336-2 copyrt   IMG_7608 copyrt

Glowing | long island maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

Glowing | Long island maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

Glowing | long island maternity photographer | lisa viox photography

So in love with this maternity session.  Can you feel the connection between these two?

3S3A4115 copyrt blog

3S3A4206 blog copyrt
collage copyrt 2

3S3A4026 copyrt blog


3S3A4092 copyrt blog

collage web 2


3S3A4122 blog copyrt

3S3A4278 blog copyrt

collage web