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Month: October, 2009

Beautiful October evening at the Beach | Suffolk County Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This had to be one of the most beautiful fall evenings at the beach, weather was amazing, slight breeze, gorgeous blue skies, and such an adorable family to enjoy it with! 

IMG_7420 copyrt 8x10


IMG_7435 copyrt

IMG_7440 copyrt

IMG_7484 copyrt 5x7

IMG_7544 copyrt 8x10 color pop

IMG_7424 copyrt

IMG_7514 copyrt

IMG_7589 copyrt

IMG_7608 copyrt

Sweetness | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Boy was my weekend filled with beautiful fun loving families!  How did I get so lucky!  These two were just so cute together, you can see their amazing bond and love for each other.  Miss “A’ was a complete natural in front of the camera, Susan I really need to borrow her for a few hours one day!  🙂

IMG_7191 copyrt 5x7


IMG_7305 copyrt


IMG_7217 copyrt  8x10


IMG_7276 copyrt perfect bw


IMG_7382 copyrt 5x7

IMG_7330 copyrt


IMG_7200 copyrt

IMG_7316 copyrt

Adorable Family | Suffolk County Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I had so much fun with this adorable family, they were so easy to work with and so cute together.  3 kids under the age of 7 and all of them so well behaved, unbelievable!  I am so glad the weather cooperated for us, I had a blast and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak:

IMG_6952 copyrt 8x10

How stinken cute is this pic!

IMG_7083 copyrt 5x7


IMG_7091 copyrt 5x7

IMG_7099 copyrt

IMG_7130 copyrt 8x10


IMG_7160 copyrt 5x7

IMG_7187 copyrt perfect bw

Holy Cuteness!! | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Could this family be any cuter?  Oh I had so much fun with you guys, Little “A” is a complete doll!  Thank you!  I had such a hard time picking which photos I would share on here, there were just to many to choose from.  I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak.

Wineries 2009 | Northfork Long Island Photographer

So every once and a while I like to let my hair down, go out and have a blast with my friends and family!  For the past two years we have gone to the wineries in the FAll.  Last year the weather was amazing and we had about 14 girls going.  This year weather was afwul, rainy and freezing and we had 6 girls back out that morning.  Oh well, it was just 6 of us in a huge limo livin’ it up and having an awesome time.  This post is obviously a personal share, dont judge the quality of the photos as some I didnt even take, these are just for fun ….. I hope you enjoy them.  I know I had a true blast, thanks girls and I cant wait until next year to do it again! 

IMG_6644 copyrt

I told you we were really having fun .. how cute is this pic?

IMG_6632 copyrt

My beautiful sisters!

IMG_6578 copyrt


IMG_6647 copyrt

IMG_6546 copyrt


IMG_6552 copyrt



IMG_6617 copyrt  

IMG_6609 copyrt

Beautiful Family | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

How beautiful is this family!  Little “C” is just a doll and at 17 months she was all over the place but just a ton of fun, look at her adorable little outfits and big blue eyes!  Thank you D&C for letting me spend the afternoon with your beautiful family, it was a pleasure.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak: 

IMG_6249 copyrt 8x10

IMG_6408 copyrt 8x10

IMG_6319 copyrt dsr

IMG_6355 copyrt fudge 8x10

IMG_6375 copyrt

IMG_6183 copyrt dsr

IMG_6398 copyrt  8x10 clone

IMG_6276 copyrt

IMG_6428 copyrt 5x7

IMG_6408 copyrt dsr

Sweet Little 1 Month old | New York Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Just one word – PRECIOUS!  This little cutie was over 10 pounds when she was born, and at 6 weeks old she was holding her up like a 3 month old.  I will admit I had some reservations about shooting this age, usually my newborns are around 2 weeks old and are even better if they are younger than that, lots of sleepy mushy-ness.  Well little “A” was actually pretty easy going, especially considering she has colic.  Mommy fed her and then she slept like a champ for me.  P&J I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak:

IMG_6036 copyrt

IMG_5936 copyrt dsr

IMG_6104copyrt  8x10

IMG_5978 copyrt  8x10

IMG_6022 copyrt dsr

IMG_6090 copyrt

Adorable Family | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So I got to spend my afternoon with these two adorable little boys.  V – I hope you enjoy your sneak peak, be sure to share it with V jr … he sure gave me a run for my money tonight but was super fun.  I hope the boys slept for you after I left.  🙂

IMG_5702 copyrt

IMG_5704 copyrt edited

I have to share it in black and white also – look at those lips …

IMG_5704 copyrt dsr

IMG_5715 copyrt dsr

IMG_5731 copyrt

I know mom wasnt expecting me to snap pics of her but how could i resist … 

IMG_5735 copyrt dsr burn more

IMG_5802 copyrt 5x7 crop

IMG_5855 copyrt dsr

IMG_5808 copyrt dsr

My little Ham | Long Island Mommy Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So I took some shots of Hailey before one of my other photo sessions and just had time to edit them now ….. she is a little ham sometimes.  Wanted to share these as cold weather is coming and I will be doing a bunch of studio shots, and I thought these were cute … and you see studio shots can be fun to  … 

IMG_5217 copyrt 5x7 perfect bw


IMG_5217 copyrt

IMG_5229 copyrt

IMG_5241 copyrt dsr

IMG_5233 copyrt

IMG_5233 copyrt dsr

Just J&H at the beach | Long Island Child Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So last week I decided to take the kids to Robert Mosses for most likely the last time for the season.  Well it was before a storm and it was sooo windy and pretty chilly to, we were literally getting pelted with sand.  So we only lasted about 2 hrs, the plan was to stay until almost sunset and get some real nice shots.  Oh well, at least i got a couple shots to share, just really snapshots but thought you might enjoy them …. 

Jag was being super silly … 

IMG_5627 copyrt

IMG_5597 copyrt  

IMG_5577 webshrp

IMG_5575 copyrt

 See this is how windy it was – I dont know how i even stood it there for 2 hours that day:

IMG_5616 copyrt

Well at least they had fun – they made friends and dug a hole so big it even had stairs going into it:  LOL

IMG_5636 copyrt