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Month: November, 2009

Cute kids | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So this session seemed to have been doomed – the location we were to meet at was closed, so we tried some where else but the Gazebo was gone and the wind and cold was pretty unbearable for all of us, especially the little ones. So like all good photographers, I made due with what I had to work with …..    U- I hope you are happy with what I got, hopefully when the weather warms up we can meet again  …. 

IMG_0429 copyrt

IMG_0441 copyrt perfect bw

IMG_0474 copyrt  

IMG_0458 copyrt


IMG_0478 copyrt

IMG_0496 copyrt 5x7

Beautiful little boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This little one could not be any cuter!  But at a little over 3 weeks adorable “F” gave us a run for our money good thing we had lots of patience, it sure paid off.  Look at this cutie.  I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak: 


IMG_0303 copyrt


IMG_0310 copyrt dsr


IMG_0328 copyrt 5x7

Look at those lips …. 

IMG_0348 copyrt 8x10

 I just can not get enough of newborn smiles …..  they make me melt inside …

IMG_0357 copyrt 5x7


IMG_0368 copyrt 5x7

5 years old! | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So every year around the kids birthday I take them out for a photo session.  I found a few new locations and the kids loved them!  I can not believe that they are going to be 5 in about a week!  I dont know where the time goes, truly it feels like just yesterday that I gave birth to these little twinks at 29 weeks … Hailey at not even 3 pounds and Jagger at 3 pounds 3 ounces.  Boy have they come an amazingly long way, and what a proud Mama I am ….  So here is my personal share, as I sit hear tearing up …  My two little miracles who are turing 5 … its a large share so be prepared … 🙂

IMG_8118 copyrt 8x10

IMG_8185 coprt 4x6 crop


IMG_8193 copyrt


IMG_8082 copyrt

I love this one – Hailey kept calling it Pixie Hollow …. 

IMG_8148 copyrt

Another favorite – with a vintage flair ….

IMG_8094 copyrt vintage

Ok and another favorite – taken two minutes before they started fighting over teddy … 🙂

IMG_8232 copyrt

I have been wanting to play with sunflare – kinda diggin it … what do you think?

IMG_8255 copyrt


IMG_8396 copyrt  


This is my favorite pose for them, we try it every year, not loving this shot as much as last years though, they were getting tired and it was getting dark out …..

IMG_8367 copyrt


IMG_8367 copyrt perfect bw

I was sooo thrilled to find this location!  I tried some different processing on these, let me know what you think …

IMG_9277 copyrt


IMG_9301 copyrt

IMG_9304 copyrt


IMG_9341 copyrt


IMG_9349 copyrt


IMG_9270 copyrt

Family Love | Suffolk County Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

What an awesome way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon….  This family was so fun to work with and soooo easy!  The kids were all so well behaved.  It was very hard for me to choose what photos to share on here, I could be editing all night, we got alot of great shots.  I hope you all enjoy your sneak peak: 

IMG_9821 copyrt


IMG_9828 copyrt

IMG_9748 copyrt

IMG_9801 copyrt 8x10

IMG_9989 copyrt

IMG_9842 copyrt

IMG_9983 copyrt perfect bw

IMG_9960 copyrt 5x7

Mini Holiday Sessions Cont’d | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Oh boy, I have been so busy, so I have to apologize for not getting these sneak peaks up quicker.  I am going to share a few from the remainder of my holiday sessions here.  I want to thank the families that came to me and let me photograph their beautiful children. 

Some of you may recognize these little girls – I did “G’s” newborn session in the summer and I could not get a shot of them together.  So glad we could get something this session.  Jessica is was great seeing you and the girls again. 

IMG_8993 copyrt 4x6  

IMG_9027 copyrt 5x7


IMG_9119 copyrt 8x10


IMG_9135 copyrt dsr


And this little cuties Mama did my logo – she has the patience of a saint for putting up with me! 🙂 Little “N” is just the cutest happiest baby!  He reminds me of friends Tricia and Kens boys, they are always so smiley and happy and so adorable and easy to work with ….  Jen – I hope you like these, and again thanks for all your help:

IMG_9232 copyrt

IMG_9247 copyrt dsr


IMG_9255 copyrt

Mini Cutie Session | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Little “J” was such a cutie, I can not wait until our full family session.  These photos are not to Holiday-ish, mom just wanted to take advantage of doing a mini session for little J since she never got professional photos of her done.  I hope you all enjoy your sneak peak:


IMG_9160copyrt 5x7


IMG_9192 copyrt  8x10

IMG_9219 copyrt 8x10

IMG_9222 copyrt

‘Tis The Season | Long Island Children Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

‘Tis the Season  …..  for adorable Holiday Sessions!  🙂 My next few posts will be from my holiday mini sessions … I hope you all enjoy them, I know I adored working with all of these precious little beauties.  “M” is so beautiful, but extremly shy and little hard to crack, but with lots of silly-ness we got a few smiles ….

IMG_8878 copyrt 5x7

IMG_8886 copyrt dsr


IMG_8923 copyrt 4x6 straightened

IMG_8981  copyrt 8x10

Love is in the air | Nassau County Engagement Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I am surounded by beautiful people and so much love.  Check out this gorgeous couple, M&S were so easy to work with.  I wish you guys tons of happiness and love in your new life together.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak:


IMG_8674 copyrt

IMG_8695 copyrt

IMG_8727 copyrt perfect bw 8x10


IMG_8747 copyrt


IMG_8721 copyrt

IMG_8808 copyrt 8x10 color pop


IMG_8767 copyrt  5x7


IMG_8826 copyrt 5x7

IMG_8784 copyrt 5x7

Precious little girl | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Look at how beautiful little miss “M” is and at just 5 days old she was such a dream to work with.  I feel so blessed to have been able to photograph K&S during this special pregnancy and now to have the chance to share in this next chapter of their lives and see “M” grow is truly touching.  I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak: 


IMG_8443 webshrp dsr 8x10


IMG_8458 copyrt dsr


IMG_8477 copyrt dsr


IMG_8443 copyrt sunshine 8x10


I love this one:

IMG_8577 copyrt vintage bw

IMG_8547 copyrt dsr


IMG_8602 copyrt dsr 5x7

Love this one as well – Great Grandma:

IMG_8508 copyrt vintage bw


IMG_8425 copyrt


IMG_8614 copyrt

Beautiful children | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I truly feel so blessed to be able to photograph so many special families.  Check out these gorgeous children with their porcelean creamy skin, big blue eyes and spunky little attitudes.  This session was a ton of fun.  And I must tell everyone how much I am loving these fall colors.  I have been really popping my color in my processing lately and these beautiful reds, oranges and greens just seem to jump off the page.  Let me know what you think.  And “N” family, I hope you love your sneak peak: 


IMG_7820 copyrt

Look at these pouty lips ….  Little Miss A was a tough cookie but eventually she really warmed up to me:

IMG_7825 copyrt 5x7 crop

It was a little difficult to get all 3 to look my way but I still love this shot and love the rich colors as well:

IMG_7880 copyrt 5x7


IMG_7823 copyrt 8x10


IMG_7904 copyrt 8x10 vignette

I think this one is just to cute, look at their expressions ….

IMG_7932 copyrt perfect bw


IMG_7943 copyrt 8x10


IMG_8003 copyrt 8x10 clone out cars


IMG_8038 copyrt


IMG_8050 copyrt