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Month: November, 2010

We did it | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Sooo despite this little guy giving us a real tough time, we did it, we got some great shots …. Little “L” did not want to be touched! He would fall asleep but as soon as I touched him or as soon as mom put him down he would wake up crying … it was tough. But in the end so worth it. Thank you guys for traveling to me and it was fun spending the morning together oh and the afternoon! LOL! I hope you like your large sneak peek…..

Love the big smile, he looks like a little angel here. You would never know from the photos what a time we had getting him to cooperate ….

I am not usually a big fan of eyes open newborn shots, but little L can work this, he looks so cute ……

This one was actually more of an out take, when we put him down he was still partially wrapped in his blanket, I just loved the way he was holding onto it and you can see his little toes sticking out. But as soon as we took the blanket away he woke up and was not happy. So we didnt get the shot we were supposed to, but we did get this one which I love just as much ….

Loved big brother, check out the pose and the style on this kid!

Precious | Suffolk County Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So this little beauty was 11 days late! But isnt she worth the wait, check her out in all her newness. This session was great, went sooo smoothly and I love the black and whites we captured. C – I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek:

Love the little smirk here:

The next two are moms own hats, adorable finds:

A new prop for me, first time using it…..

Looveee …..

Cutie pies | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I am a bloging maching tonight! I had to share a session from one of my holiday minis , love these cuties … they were so good and so patient and really tried. C – I hope you enjoy your sneak …. it was great seeing you guys again!

Sooo cute, thats the response you get when you threaten to tickle ….. adorable …

I had to share this out take …. do you think he had enough!??? LOL …. aww, so adorable …

I love this one, mom says he does this all time, I love when I can capture those kinds of moments …. its the little things you will look back at in 5 years and say oh remember when ….

Sooo G Q

Newby sweetness | New York Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This sweet little boy was so alert for his young age, it felt like he was looking right at me and at one point I swear I thought he was putting his pacifier back in his mouth himself! 😉 We got off to a little bit of a rocky start, and I thought he wasnt going to sleep much but he did, he was perfect and we ended up getting in alot of great shots ……

Look at those eyes …

Mega cutenessss | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Oh my …. lately, these little boys have been so stinken cute! I love this session, “G” was the biggest ham, he loved the camera, he was so smiley, adorable and so much fun to work with .. oh and did I mention how cute he was 😉 …. check him out:

I love these , check him out:

Teeny Tiny | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This little newbie was 3 weeks but sooo tiny , she was adorable. None of my hats fit her and the headbands i had to knot in the back so they would stay on. Check out how cute she is ….

My 2 little rugrats turn 6 | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Holy moly, my babies are 6! My head is spinning at the thought of this! 6 short years ago these little miracle babies were born. It was the scariest day of my life. I had been in the hospital for about a week while my doctor tried to prevent me from going into labor but he couldnt hold me off any longer, I ended up giving birth to J&H at only 29 weeks, they were so tiny! Only 2 and 3 pounds each! It was a scarry scarry night, but I knew these little rugrats would pull through, they were tough and they were fighters. My sweet girl caught an infection while she was in the NICU and had to endure two painful spinal taps and her stay was prolonged. Ugh thinking back to that time brings tears to my eyes, it was tough but it just made these little guys even more special, and it made me even stronger. Anyone who has had a NICU experience can understand, its a very trying time. So today I am blogging to tell you all just how special these two are, they are my life, they are my special loves and they are a piece of my soul. They are growing into such amazing little people, they are caring and supportive and great helpers, I am so lucky to have them. Twins are truly a very special thing, to see two people who are so in tune with each other and who have such a strong connection is really so unique. The bond that they share is like no other and I hope I captured some of that in these photos….. so enough of my sappy self … I hope you all enjoy this personal share ……

Ohhh I just cant stand it….. how cute are they! So typical of how most of our photo sessions go, they love to kiss and love each other!

Happy Birthday rugrats!! Love you!!

Pretty girl | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This was sort of a mini session because when we had our outdoor family session it was a little to cold for baby S so we decided to meet again for some studio shots and I am so glad we did, check out how adorable she looks in her pretty petti and dresses! I Love love girly girls and “S” totally is. D- I hope you love these, I cant wait to see my photos big over your fireplace! 🙂 and it was great spending the afternoon with you and your sis again!

Pure Cuteness | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Anyone who follows my blog will prob know this adorable face, who just seems to get cuter cuter, if that is possible! how could you not love those big baby blues and that sweet face …… He is my cousins son and I love him to pieces! L- I hope you like these, see you Thursday! xoxoxoxo

2nd blog post for “G” family | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I swear lately I have such a hard time narrowing down what to put on your sneak peeks, my clients are so adorable and so much fun and I especially love my family sessions. M- so glad you loved the inside holiday shots, I am sure you are going to LOVE these as well …. you have a beautiful family and I am very lucky to have you guys as clients:

Of course I had a few of them looking at the camera, but this is so much more my style – I love the emotion, the giggles, something about daddy and his little girl being silly – so adorable:

L- was having so much fun that day, and being silly, I loved it ……

And a more serious one…… M- I think you are going to have more pics of L then I have of my daughter! 😉

It was a little chilly for the baby and she slept through the beginning of the session so we didnt get alot of her outside, but she def liked the wagon ride! 🙂

There is something about this one that I just love!