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Month: January, 2011

Snow, cuteness and family love | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This family, was so sweet, so fun, and so adorable! And despite the 2+ feet of snow we have out there they were still up for outside photos at one of my favorite locations. We were real nervous as this shoot was set up months ago and they were coming from PA for this, I wasnt sure we would be able to shoot at this location, but it turned out the snow was hard enough for us to walk on and not sink to much, so we met nice and early and just took a few quick shots outside and then made our way in to the studio to finish up. I just love love the hats, the smiles, and those big chocolate brown eyes on sweet little “E” ….

One of my new year resolutions | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Sooo … one of my new year resolutions (i have a bunch) was to blog to more, not only blog photos, but to blog more about my life, about my kids, about who I am. I want my clients and all my blog followers to really get a feeling of who the person is behind the camera. I feel like I am a really easy person to get along with and when I meet my clients we just sort of hit off, I can proudly say that I have made some really great friends with numerous clients and I want all my followers and all my future clients to feel at ease and really know what I am about. But ….. we have an issue, I am so not good at expressing myself. I tend to talk and write in short blunt sentences, or really long run on ones …. (all my teacher followers that are reading this are prob cringing), its very hard for me to articulate the point I want to get across, so as part of this resolution I have decided to really hone in on these skills, to push myself to the next level, to try put together that story from each shoot …..

So, I am going to start off by sharing a bunch of little things about me that most of you dont know or some of you know and dont care, lol! I have seen other photogs do this and I really enjoy reading about who they are, so here goes, some little tidbits about me ……. I hope I dont bore you guys to much … and I promise after all this I will share a photo …

Woosh where do I start:
First things first – I have 3 beautiful, amazing children (6 year old boy/grl twins) and a 6 month old, these little rugrats are my life! I live and breathe for them ……

I hate the winter, like with a passion, I am a beach and summer person all the way. I become almost part hermit when the cold weather hits …. and at the first sign of a warm day I am at the beach, usually by March I have already gotten in a few beach days in ….

I am a taurus and yes, as stubborn as a bull! 😉

I tend to talk really loud, my neighbors must think I yell 24 7 …. but I dont like to call it yelling, its just talking loudly!! 😉

My husband is an IT computer geek but one those really good looking ones (lol) … and even though I talk really loud to him often, I love him to pieces! he is my best friend and an amazing husband and father. If it wasnt for him I would of never been able to make my dreams come true with this business! (I hope he is not reading this because he will get a big head)

I have a passion for anything artistic – I used to paint all the time before I had my kids, then my passion moved to photography. I majored in fashion and interior design in college and they are a huge passion of mine …..

I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 yrs old!

I soooo want my daughter to be a girly girl but she is soooo not! Little stinker, I have come to accept it though….

My mom is my rock and has helped me tons with this business …. more on her in a later post ….

My favorite movie is Grease – I swear I will marry John Travolta one day!

I use lots and lots of !!!!! and ……. when typing!

I love skinny jeans and pretty much wear them everyday, I wear them with flats, uggs, flip flops, heels. etc …. they are a staple for me and my daughter

I have a horrible sense of direction – unless we are in the mall, then I know my way around with my eyes closed!

I love to mix modern minimalistic and vintage …..

My brain doesnt stop, i am on a constant creative ride, always looking for new ideas and inspiration and props, etc……

My parents are divorced and I am blessed to have both amazing parents and step parents! As well as my amazing step sister! I Love her to pieces!

I have a “mild” case of OCD, although my husband would say its no so mild …. things need to be in the exact right place, and when I have something on my mind it tends to consume me. This has been a very beneficial trait though with my photography business …..

I am sooo far from being perfect but I am a perfectionist …..

Ok, so hopefully you guys learned a little more about me …..

Oh, one last thing , I go through withdrawals if I dont use my camera in a few days …… that would explain these photos …. my poor children, they always have to play model!!! Here are a couple of Ryder from today, I needed to get some sun in my life , so that would explain the processing and positioning of him in these …..

****please excuse all of my typo’s and spelling errors ….. its one of my flaws 😉

Boy oh Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Boy oh Boy I have some stinken cute clients! and let me mention how sweet this little babys family was. I enjoyed meeting you guys and spending my sunday morning with you all, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and your adorable boy:

Look at that face……

Lil’ Beauty | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I am just in love with all of my clients so far this year. Would you look at this perfect little face, and that hair! How stinken adorable is she???? Loved this session ….. and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek:

Absolute Adorable-ness!!!! | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ok, be prepared for major, I mean major cuteness from this brother and sister duo! L- it was my pleasure taking these photos for your family, you have adorable sweet children! This is a huge huge share … I hope you enjoy it:

This age is all about shoving anything and everything in the mouth – love this shot:

Radiant | Long Island Maternity Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Really, how do some women just looks so beautiful when they are pregnant?? Believe it or not this beauty is due any day now ….. she is all belly and just completly glowing on the inside and outside. A – it was a pleasure meeting you! Cant wait to meet your other little guy in a few weeks!

Happy half birthday | Long Island Baby photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

My beautiful sweet boy is 6 months today!!! I can not believe how the time flies!!! This was literally like 5 minutes of his time today, he was not to happy this am, I think he was tired and is also teething big time …. you can actually see one of his little teeth that is coming up in one of the shots, if you look close. Love this kid, it was rough doing this alone, because he is still wobbly and falls over alittle when sitting with out help, hence the blanket and pillow in some …. enjoy my 6 month post ….. you guys are getting to see this baby as he grows, thanks for following my blog …..

Lil’ Lady | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

What a sweet lil thing she was at not even 2 weeks old … she slept so well for me and mom, and was so mushy, she just loved to be in a little ball ….. check her out:

Love the big smile here!

Saving my favorite for last, I love this shot, goes down as one my fav’s of all time, the colors, the hat, the basket, the way she is posing .. all of it …..

DH | Long Island Portrait Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So here he is, Mr. Lisa Viox Photography … just kidding, I thought I would share this photo since many of my clients ask about my husband, like, is he into getting his photo taken, is he photogenic, etc …. Well here he is. We took this for the barber shop I am working with to showcase his haircut which was done by my sis who total rocks the scissor …. …. So because photos of him are hard to come by and since he hates having his pic taken, here is one, everyone says that Jag looks just like him, what do you think!??? ….

Eskimo kisses ….. | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I just had to share this one of me and my boy … love this kid …. check out his two little beauty marks on his nose …..