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Month: March, 2011

More Mini’s | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I just love seeing my clients grow …. its one of the best things about this photography stuff, seeing my clients through out the year and getting document their different stages … I photographed this little peanut at only a few days old and boy did he give me the run around! 🙂 But this shoot was cake compaired to that , and look at how adorable he is! and I cant leave out big sis, she is sooo stinken cute as well ….. J- it was great seeing you guys again … looking forward to our next session …

Look at those big brown eyes … love!

Lol, I like this one ….. look at the way she is looking at him …

Ohhh my cuteness | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ohhhh, I cant even tell you how much I am loving each and every session this year …. really its amazing! This little stinker was just a week and a half old and gave me a run for my money, mom told me he doesnt like to sleep during the day but we did it! and the end result is sooo worth every single second of shhhhh’ing and every bead of sweat! And his big brother is sooo stinken adorable I cant stand it! I dont even know which one to post first because I have so many fav’s from this session ….

Angel – Author unknown
Welcome little angel into this world
Here with us you are meant to be
A precious gift we are given to love
For all of our days and eternity

I am going to start with this one because I think its one of my fav sibling shots ever! Look at them! Come on ….

All of the hats from this session are Ellie Bellie again …. its amazing when someone can know exactly my style and what I love and just nail it over and over again …. I love this shot, everything about it …. and keep in mind we had to work hard to get anything on his head, lets just say he was not a fan of any hats! 🙂

Easter Mini Sessions | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Sooo this year I decided to do some Spring/Easter Mini’s , I usually do this for Christmas time so my clients can get a few updated photos for their holiday cards. They are a ton of work but its sooo worth it to see my repeat clients more through out the year ….. These little girls are sooo pretty and pretty amazing and I feel so special to be able to photograph them…. E – it was a pleasure seeing you all again …..

Through out the week I will jump on to share some more mini’s, here was my first mini session of the Easter/Spring season … check out how beautiful these little girls are!

Smile and Laugh | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Smile and laugh, that is what my little man does to me everytime I look at that sweet face! He is such a little devil but has the face of angel, he is such a little stinker but as cute as a button, he has my heart and has me wrapped around his little finger … take a look at these pics and you might see why …… This is just a quick share, I hope you all dont get sick of seeing his photos on my blog, he just keeps changing day by day and I am trying to capture every moment! Thanks for looking ….

OMG, LOL, i swear I think this is one of my fav pics ever of him! He is such a little rascal! Look at that face! Up to no good …. lookin for trouble ….

Gotta love the drool ….

TWINS!!! TWINS!!! | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Yay, twins!! Ok, can you tell how excited I was for this shoot!!?? Really being a mom of boy/girl twins this was my dream shoot …. I unfortunately was not doing photography when I had mine 6 + yrs ago and I ended up with these awful horrendous newborn photos from some lamo company that came and set up on my kitchen table and threw a white blanket over their heads and tried to get shots with their eyes open, it was just awful. Ok, so I am really going to try and not get to emotional during this post, but I sooo wanted to create the photos that I wish I had of my two, and I think i succeeded! I hope these amazing parents love these and cherish them forever and ever, I hope that everytime they look at these photos it brings alittle tear to their eyes, remembering just how tiny they were, and just how amazing that twin bond is!
I want to add just how special twins are, they most certainly do share that special bond and connection that people talk about, you can see it even at 2 weeks old, as soon as they were laying together they both calmed down and slept through all the poses and changes, it was amazing, to be able to see that bond again for me was such a pleasure. I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to be able to capture these memories for my clients …. this is by far is not a job for me, this is my passion and my love …. my love to capture connection, to capture everything beautiful and everything special and these two most certainly are special! N&C – you guys were amazing to work with, I loved every second of this shoot, you two have an amazing relationship and are going to be such great parents to these two twinks …. treasure every moment because they fly by! And try to capture that special bond that only twins can share over and over …. (ok tears, i said no tears, 🙂

I wanted to share this poem that I found when I was pregnant with my two, my mom made up a beautiful shadow box with this poem in it and it is something I will cherish forever, it was in their room when they shared and now its my studio/playroom, I thought it was fitting to share it here, I hope you all love it …. it brings tears of joy to my eyes everytime i read it:

Here we are, it’s plain to see,
I’m just like you, your just like me.
Two grow together from the start,
Beneath our Mother’s loving heart.
Though soon we’ll walk a seperate path,
You’ll always be my other half.
Lord, Thank you from us both, Amen,
‘Cause we were born with our best friend.

Oh, i just want to say thank you to my assistant (hehe, my mom, for coming along and helping with this session, she loved every second as well)

This is my fav from the session, I have a photo I took of my twins when they first came home from the NICU and were reunited and I put them in the pack and play nose to nose and they just snuggled right together and fell fast asleep, I still have it out on display, 6 years later, so I knew I had to get a nose to nose photo for N&C …… I hope you guys love it! I would print this huge, huge and hang it right when you walk in! 🙂

My 2nd request for the lacrosse photo- my husband is wayyyy jealous! 🙂

Thank you to my amazing hat maker for whipping these up quick for me! Love ya, you are the best! See her amazing stuff here: Ellie Bellie

Precious, pretty and fun | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Okay, I am being surrounded by beautiful people! Its unbelievable how every client is just as pretty and special as my next! This family oozes perfection, two beautiful daughters, parents that are gorgeous and as sweet as can be, a house out of a magazine ad, and the list goes on and on. J&K it was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful family and spending my saturday morning with you all! 😉 I hope you love your very very large sneak peek (yeah I cant seem to narrow down my shares, i know, i know!!)

Author: unknown
She’s a little bit of sunshine,
She’s a smile to light your days,
She will steal your heart and
keep it with her warm endearing ways,
She’s your precious little daughter,
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill your years with laughter
and your lives with lots of love

Handsome | Long Island Portfolio Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ohhhh this was a busy busy weekend but it was filled with the most awesome and fun shoots! This shoot is sooo close to my heart, anyone who knows me, knows how much I love fashion, and shoots like these just get my creative juices flowing …. N- was the perfect model, and I hope these photos score huge for him. So the more I work with this age and these kind of shoots the more it makes me want to get more into Highschool Senior sessions, so if anyone knows of any fun, attractive seniors looking to be a rep, let me know …… Ok so back to N, he is right out of a Hollister ad or Abercrombie, loved the clothes him and his mom chose for the shoot! So check him out …. I hope you guys love these!

See told ya – Hollister all the way! We did some studio photos as well as outside, this one really really called to me!

Sweetness | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ohhh, i am just loving all of my sessions lately. I have the best, sweetest, most adorable clients. B – I am so glad I was able to fit you guys in this weekend! It was a pleasure meeting you all …. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek:

“A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above, a handful of happiness, a heart full of love.”
Author: Helen Steiner Rice

8 months | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ohhh these months go by way way to fast! My baby is already 8 months old today. We had our monthly photo session, Ry is getting more and more uncoperative! And I swear he is the baby of a million different facial expressions … most of them are just these big blue eyes with a look of what the heck are you doing to me now! LOL .. poor kid … and my brain goes around in cirlces each month trying to figure out new stuff to do with him. Hopefully next month we will be outside for his monthly photos. Boys are tough to come up with new ideas for ,…… so here he is, 8 months, almost crawling and actually almost walking ….. this kid is going to be my little monster, i know it already …. face of an angel but the spunk of the devil …. hehe …

Blue Eyes
Elton John Song …
Lyrics: Gary Osborne
Blue eyes
Baby’s got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day
Blue eyes
Baby’s got blue eyes
When the morning comes
I’ll be far away
And I say
Blue eyes
Holding back the tears
Holding back the pain
Baby’s got blue eyes
And she’s alone again
Blue eyes
Baby’s got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
Watching over me
Blue eyes
I love blue eyes
When I’m by her side
Where I long to be
I will see
Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby’s got blue eyes
And I am home, and I am home again

Come on ….. look at that face, he really is not a thumb sucker ….. but it sure is cute! LOL ….

This is what he does when he is mad, clenches his fists and yells …

Flowers | Long Island Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Sooo the sun is shinning, the air is getting warmer, I hear the birds when I wake and I thought this was an appropriate share for today … maybe I am rushing the warm weather but i am sitting here wanting to go outside and bask in the warm sun …… I have been playing with some artsy shots, really love this kind of stuff, its just something for my personal pleasure but I wanted to share it, you will prob be seeing more of this kind of stuff ….. I hope you enjoy ……

It’s Almost Spring
Why is the sky so blue and clear?
Why is the robin’s song so dear?
Why is the sun so warm and bright,
filling the earth with glorious light?
Why are the fields so green today?
Why do the clouds all float away?
Why does my heart with gladness sing?
Only because it’s almost spring!