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Month: April, 2011

Sooo sweet | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This little girl was such a little sweetie – she slept awesome for me for the first hour or so but then was up for a really really looooong time, not really fussing just up and wide awake. But we got some awesome shots and mom and dad were so mellow and relaxed even when being pee’d on … :0)

How adorable is this dog!?

To be a child again | Westchester Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Oh, to be a child again, to have that carefree fun loving spirit, to be sooo inquisitive and just free …… Although this session didnt go exactly as planned , I am still loving it! I am sooo glad I got to capture this little piece of childhood. This little girl was sooo adorable, and full of spunk and sass and a ton of fun to work with, we captured so much of her personality and I am so glad I was able to do that for these parents. C- it was great meeting you and your family, I hope you love what I captured for you guys …

This is a large share so sit back and enjoy ……

And just one of baby sister …

Pink-alicious | New York Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Ohhhh sweet little C – look at those chubby cheeks and that head of hair! Baby C – gave me a real tough time, she was having some pretty major belly issues but I am so glad I was still able to capture some really beautiful images for her ohh so sweet parents. M&J -it was a pleasure meeting you guys, and thank you for lunch! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your sneak peek …..

Look at the mohauk! Love it!

Yep, she is awake here, but she is content and just hangin out …

Check out the blue eyes …. so pretty

Sunshine | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

How sweet is this little piece of sunshine …. all of that dark hair, chunky little legs, and sweet face. D&C – it was a pleasure meeting you guys today, you guys are such relaxed and easy parents, I hope your sweet girl sleeps tonight for you! 😉

I love how pure and simple this photo is …. sometimes simple is pretty to ….

ohh my, look at that smile … soooo sweet ….

Amazing hat by Ellie bellie of course …..

One of my favorite newborn shots ever …..

My babies | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Oh my babies are growing up soooo quickly …. I am trying to document them as much as I can these days, its sooo important to me to have these memories of them! The time just goes by way to quickly. So here is a personal share – these were taken a couple weeks ago ….

Brother and Sister – author unknown
There is a great big world out there, I hear it can be a fright.
But take my hand and hold on-I know we’ll be alright.
Brother and sister we will forever be.
I am so happy; I have my best friend right here with me.
Our journey will be great, lots of fun, and even intense…but how bad can it be when you are with your best friend?

Ohhh these two amaze me, the connection is unreal, they are so lucky to be such good friends and siblings!

Even with half her teeth out she still looks sooo pretty ……

My handsome and sweet little boy ….

Brother and Sister | Long Island Childrens Photography | Lisa Viox Photography

Another client that you guys might recognize ….. I had to jump on and share a few of these, they are soooo adorable ….

Its not so easy to get these two this close, so this is a definate fav …..

Little Princess | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox photography

Ohhhh, this little beauty was a little stinker to me, at only 8 days old you could tell she is going to have a mind of her own. When I got there mom told me that she stays awake for 4+ hrs at a time during the day already, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. But you know what, she fell asleep pretty easily and just woke to feed a few times and stretch and oh yeah poop and pee … lots! LOL …. A&M this was a fun session, your little girl is sooo sweet, enjoy her and your photos ….

Having a Daughter – Author – unknown
Having a daughter means loving
more than you knew you could love.
It means giving
more thank you knew you could give.
It means receiving
so much more in return…

Having a daughter means knowing
that whatever else
you did or didn’t do,
You gave the world
something beautiful.

Beautiful hats from Ellie Bellie again, she has really out done herself with these … I think this is my favorite shot from the session, and it took alot of work to get her to do this …

Sooo pretty in blue, love this too ….

Adorable Brothers | Long Island Childrens Photographer | Lisa Viox photography

Ohhh, been so busy trying to catch up, these two little cuties were part of my mini sessions for spring, i wanted to share some of their adorable-nessss! So here they are, many of you might recognize them .. 🙂

Y- it was great seeing you guys again …

Adorable | New York City Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This little cutie was 8 days old and soooooooo sweet and tiny. B&C – I enjoyed spending my sunday morning with you guys, I hope you love your sneak peek …

A new little baby
To love beyond measure-
To add to your lives
More joys and more pleasure
And may each new year
Hold for Baby and you
The happy fulfillment
Of dreams that come true

My fav from the session, love this hat … and it just looks perfect on him, doesnt it …. so sweet thanks Ellie Bellie again ….

My Sunshine – 9 months old | Long Island Baby Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

My little man is 9 months old, i do not know where the time is going, he is sooo full of curiousity and mischief and he amazes every day! So here he is – our 9 month share, I hope you enjoy seeing him, I feel like he is getting so big …

“The Little One That Follows Me”
Author: Unknown
A careful woman, I ought to be;
a little one follows me.
I do not dare to go astray,
for fear they’ll go, the self-same way.

I cannot once escape their eyes,
whatever they see me do, they’ll try.
Like me, they say, they’re going to be,
that little one that follows me.

They think that I am good and fine;
believe in every work of mine.
The bad in me they must not see;
my life to them, must, an example be.

I must remember, as I go,
through summer’s sun and winter’s snow,
I’m building for the years to be,
for that little one that follows me.

I am loving texture and color pop lately, this is my fav from the session and I think it needs to be hung huge somewhere in my house …

LOL, he is looking at my mom, he was trying to get down off suitcase and she was saying , no, no , no … so cute, look at his expression ….