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Lisa Viox. Long Island Portrait Photography.

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is where I get to share all the recent happenings with Lisa Viox Photography. This also includes sneak peaks and some personal events that I hope you will enjoy. To learn more about my photography; please visit my website Lisa Viox Photography

Handsome times two | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This day could not have been more beautiful – no humidity and like 80 degrees, I met a good friend of mine at the beach in the early AM to photograph her two precious little boys ….  take a look at these photos and tell me how handsome these guys are.  Coll – it was great spending the morning with you, enjoy your sneak peek:

IMG_4683 copyrt clone crop 5x7


web copyrt  sharpened collage 4


IMG_4752 copyrt crop


IMG_4789-2 copyrt 5x7 bw

web collage 5


IMG_4768 copyrt crop


IMG_4777 copyrt 5x7


web copyrt collage 8

IMG_4800 copyrt crop color pop

Back in the Saddle again | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Well like the title says, after a few weeks off for the birth of my son, I am back in the saddle and what better session than this to start off with.  Its sort of a large share but thats ok because they are for a very good friend and come on they are so stinken cute, Lori – I hope you love these photos.  I am loving this location more and more, my second time shooting there, and the evening light just makes for awesome photos, lots of color pop used on these again. 

copyrt collage 1


Woo hoo,  I was able to get a serious one out of “R”

IMG_4457 copyrt color pop


web copyrt collage 2



IMG_4537 copyrt color pop






IMG_4663 copyrt crop

2 weeks old … | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photographer

My sweet boy is 2 weeks old, and we tried a few new things, I hope you enjoy them:

IMG_4344 copyrt


IMG_4424 copyrt


IMG_4364 copyrt crop


IMG_4447 copyrt clone texture and crop


IMG_4414 copyrt


IMG_4367 web q crop

The loves of my life | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Yes, another personal share, there will probabally be lots of them in the next few weeks.   You can feel the love in these photos that J&H have for their baby brother, they are just the sweetest and have been such big helpers.  I hope you all enjoy this share, its so special to me and I cant wait to blow these up huge and put them through out the house! 

IMG_3985 copyrt  texture crop

IMG_3999 copyrt bw 5x7

IMG_4121 copyrt 5x7 bw


IMG_4163 copyrt crop 5x7 texture

Loving this new prop, although its way to big and heavy to bring on location …… 

IMG_4214 copyrt texture crop

My two sweet boys ……

IMG_4134 copyrt 5x7

Another awesome new find, this chair is sooo cool!

IMG_4053 copyrt crop texture

IMG_4197 copyrt bw texture 5x7


IMG_4217 copyrt  bw texture 5x7


IMG_4234 copyrt crop


IMG_4225 copyrt 5x7


IMG_4070 copyrt crop 2_filtered

IMG_4108 copyrt crop


IMG_4197 copyrt texture crop

IMG_4245 copyrt bw

Now this is def one of my favorites …. I dont usually share in both color and b/w but i have to on this one:

IMG_4102 copyrt crop bw


IMG_4102 copyrt crop

One more …..

IMG_4225 copyrt 5x7 bw

Ryder Grey – my sweet boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Soooo he is here!  And oh so sweet and precious!  Our new addition arrived a few days early on July 10th, we named him Ryder Grey and he was born at 8 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches long, and he is just perfect, he has deep blue eyes and the blondest hair and we are all in love with him.  Jagger and Hailey cant get enough of him and are the best big brother and sister I have ever seen.  So at just 4 days old I would like to introduce my new sweet boy, I do have to say this session was a little difficult and he was not the perfect little model, plus I just had a csection 4 days ago, so this was a quickie but I couldnt help myself to at least get a few shots of him, stay tuned as there will be lots more over the next few days:

I loveeee the pout he has going on here:

IMG_3836 copyrt q


IMG_3842 copyrt crop


He has the most delicious lips …. he does not get them from me …. 🙂

IMG_3872 copyrt 5x7


IMG_3893 copyrt crop


IMG_3897 copyrt crop


IMG_3899 copyrt crop


IMG_3865 copyrt 8x10

My babies | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

I can not believe that in a little over a week I will be having another sweet child.  I wanted to take J&H out again one more time before the baby gets here for a special photo session and I stumbled upon a great new location that I cant wait to shoot more at.  Anyway, back to these two sweet little kids, they are so excited for their baby brother to get here and I can not wait to see what a great big brother and big sister they will be.  J&H really have such amazing personalities, they are both so sweet and loving, and I hope that shows in the photographs of them, they love each other so much and have such a special bond.  Well, I hope you enjoy this post, words can express how much I love these little munchkins. 

I felt like these photos needed some major color pop and I am trying to mix things up a little bit, let me know what you think 🙂 :

IMG_3694 copyrt  5x7


IMG_3686 copyrt


IMG_3763 copyrt bw


IMG_3820 copyrt 5x7 crop

I love this one – it is totally them – they could sing and dance and play their guitars all day and all night

IMG_3669 copyrt

 Look at the eyes on this boy – my sweetness

IMG_3790 copyrt crop

IMG_3827 copyrt crop


IMG_3763 copyrt 5x7 crop


They will literally hold hands at all times if they could, we go for a walk they grab each others hands, they are in the car, they are holding hands, they just love each other to pieces:

IMG_3755 copyrt color pop 5x7


This is them dancing and pretending to be Cinderella and Prince Charming or Troy and Gabriella or Sky and Sophie …. its to cute and I dont ever want that innocence to go away:

IMG_3770 copyrt color pop copy


IMG_3801 copyrt 5x7 bw


IMG_3734 copyrt q


or this way?

IMG_3734 copyrt

Adorable-ness |Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So is that a word, Adorableness? WEll if it is it then it totally describes these two little girls.  I have photographed “A” before and she is just amazing to work with, she is so cute, so full of personality and the sweetest little thing, not to mention a pure girly girly which I just love!  Now she has an adorable baby sister and I hope to get to see her grow up as well, what a sweet family.  M&A it was so nice seeing you guys again, I hope you love these photos as much as you love the original ones I took of “A” …… Enjoy your sneak peek:


IMG_3545 copyrt  5x7 q texture

IMG_3569 copyrt  q 5x7


IMG_3599 copyrt  q

IMG_3611 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3641 copyrt 5x7 texture q

IMG_3633 copyrt 5x7 q


IMG_3645 copyrt bw crop

IMG_3627 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3551 copyrt bw 5x7

Family Fun | Long Island Family Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

This family was alot of fun to work with and how can I not mention how adorable they all are, even in a scorching, humid 90 degrees they all held it together.  “M” family-  it was a pleasure meeting you all, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek: 

 IMG_3388 copyrt  5x7q

IMG_3404 copyrt 5x7 q

IMG_3451 copyrt 5x7 q


IMG_3376 cpyrt 5x7q


IMG_3415 copyrt bw 5x7 crop


IMG_3506 copyrtq 5x7


IMG_3463 copyrt q 5x7


IMG_3422 copyrt q 5x7


IMG_3491 copyrt  q 5x7 crop

Adorable Sweet Boy | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

Tell me  how adorable this bundle of sweetness is!?  And this session was pretty special to me to because the mommy of this little boy means so much to my kids.  Sometimes I think they love her more than they love me!  🙂 She is their Kindy teacher and a very special person and has been so great to them through out the year.  “A” it was great spending the morning with you and your mom, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek ….  J&H thought “J” was sooooo adorable. 

The session started off a little rough, look at how serious he looks here …..  you will see some smiles though

IMG_3284 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3311 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3327 copyrt 5x7


IMG_3329 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3359 copyrt q 5x7

 Check out the huge smile … we have tons like this, how stinken cute……

IMG_3348 copyrt q

7 Days of Sweetness | Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lisa Viox Photography

So its been a while since I have had a girly newborn shoot, seems like all my newborns recently have been boys, so this was a really fun change of pace.  And what a sweet little angel face she was, and check out all that hair.  I cant forget to mention her 2 adorable older brothers what sweet and good boys they were.  D – I hope you enjoy your sneak peek: 


IMG_3146 copyrt q 5x7

IMG_3187 copyrt  bw


IMG_3201 copyrt 5x7 q


IMG_3192 copyrt  q 5x7


IMG_3269 copyrt_5x7q texture


Love the smile in this one:

IMG_3168 copyrt  5x7 q